Earth and Spirit - October 2019: The New Divine Humanity

Dear friends, dear interested people!


After a long time I would like to contact you again with an Earth and Spirit letter. In the year 2019 really a lot has happened on the inner and outer level, now I can write you a letter again, which puts the insights into words and gives an outlook.

Already in January I wrote that this year it is about the descent of the divine energies into human existence. A lightful connection of God and man. This is exactly what is happening this year as well.

Especially since April/May 2019 the ascent has accelerated enormously and there have been many energetic downloads from the source, which have given us the necessary "tools" in our hands to implement the great transformation "from matter to spirit".

The last years the divine energy in ascension has worked in such a way that our feminine intuitive and devoted side has been healed and found harmony in our being again. 

Currently, the divine-feminine energy and the divine-masculine creative outgoing energy are brought into balance within us into the unity field. Furthermore, since the beginning of September, we have been in a kind of energetic "deep cleansing" of old programs and traumas, so that we can now leave them behind for good. This deep cleansing went from 3D to 5D in October when we entered the "Light Bridge", where the old is finally said goodbye.

The next step, after completion of the current phase, is the emergence of the divine child. Life totally in trust and freedom from fear or in other words the birth of the new man in God in the physical.

From 2020 and the following years it will be more about gradually transforming the energies received in the past years into life and bringing them to the outside world.

A long period of inner healings, remaining in silence, withdrawal and awareness of compulsive human mental programs is gradually coming to an end.

A new phase in Ascension awaits us, which will now move us to the application of our new spiritual self-understanding, fully in tune with our inner being.

But it is not yet so far. For there is still "clearing work" to be done as the veil gradually lifts and offers us a first glimpse of what this Spiritual Ascension of Consciousness wants to realize for us.

I would like to tell you about these insights in this newsletter. The new earth and the new consciousness that shows itself to me and that is already here and what it means for us according to my understanding.

It is a joyous event, because a very long period of darkness comes to an end with this ascent, for all who are ready and willing to receive it. The new is already here and is expanding more and more, while the old in us also wants to be brought to an end!


Characteristics of the New Divine Consciousness, from Fear to Love

The new revolution is a revolution of the mind


All who have inwardly agreed to spiritual ascension are on a path that leads them completely out of identification with the limitations of the third dimension into oneness with divine Creator Consciousness.

Actions in the new energy are no longer based on fear, but on the pure joy of being, love and awareness.

Life no longer happens planned from the head and follows no ideology and no imagined goals, but it happens out of spontaneous emanation of the heart, which is one with the divine will. It is the ability to choose what I really want (joy) and the freedom from all imagined attachments and attachments to the illusion.

In the new 5D energy we are free of the collective and can manifest our lightful actions and creations free of the beliefs of the unconscious masses and oppressive elites.

Your inner freedom and consciousness, already attained through the last intensive years of ascension on the higher soul level, will descend on the physical human already in 2019, but even more in the year of change 2020 and the following years.

Man becomes the non-violent transformer of this matrix into light!

The ascent is welcomed by many, but also rejected and fought by many. Yet nothing and no one can prevent the arrival of Ascension and the life of the Masters awakened in God.


The new consciousness: The connection of the human with the divine mind

Perhaps you are wondering how it should be possible, for example, to free yourself from the collective or how all the other fantastic possibilities of ascent work?

From the point of view of an ordinary human 3D consciousness, none of the above is actually possible. It takes a spiritual path to make the "impossible" possible.

You must know that in reality you are not a limited human being, but a creative consciousness that makes a human experience in the game of life.

And if you can lift the veil of forgetting so far that you really remember it again, much becomes possible that you could not do before if you only experience yourself as a limited human being.


Laws of Creation and Consciousness

Now let us turn to your true being and see what it can do and how it does it.

Ascension means in the first place: Recognizing who you really are, and in the second place: removing everything from your own energy field that corresponds to the ego state of self-forgetfulness.

Consciousness creates reality through the instrument of thought. Through thought the world is manifested!

"We are what we think. Everything we are arises from our thoughts. With our thoughts we shape the world.“ - Buddha

This is what every person does, no matter whether he has awakened or not, whether he has ascended or unconsciously. All are creators, whether they know it or not, whether they draw with consciousness or in oblivion.

However, the quality of creations is very different.

An unconscious soul lives in self-forgetfulness and mistakes itself for the human transient body. In this state one feels fears (fear, lat. "Angustus" for narrowness, distress), because the consciousness is narrowed (ego).

An ascended soul has recognized itself and dissolved the unconscious programs that tie you to the 3D matrix "I am the body". In this state you don't feel fear anymore.


What exactly do I create in 3D and 5D?

The outer reality that you experience daily is an exact correspondence of the sum of your unconscious crystallized thoughts and your conscious thoughts.

Conscious thoughts are the thoughts you perceive directly. These are the thoughts that go through your head and that you can "influence" in a certain way.

Unconscious thoughts are the previously created, your karma, your "wavelength", the "not-knowing", and so on. They are crystallized as matter and psychological-biological patterns.

Unconscious thoughts have a strong effect on your reality, they create reality without your conscious consent.

The subconscious thoughts are fixed thoughts, i.e. thoughts "brought into form", which you - the immortal consciousness - have sent out sometime before and which you have confirmed again and again through your attention.

They are the ones who ensure that you wake up as a human being every day, experience the same situations again and again in partnerships, at work and in everyday life. They create the illusion of continuity, they create the apparent stability of the world in which you live and from which, as long as you remain unconscious, you cannot break out in any way.


The energy follows the attention

Everything that is repeated has a tendency to reinforce itself. For the energy follows the attention. When I don't question things, but react to them, I give them attention and make them stronger.

Thoughts that are repeated again and again with attention condense!

The vibration of the very fast thoughts becomes slower and slower and so thoughts crystallize over very long periods of time gradually more and more - they eventually even become matter: A truly massive experience!


The mass of subconscious thoughts considerably exceeds the mass of conscious thoughts in an ordinary person. That which was thought before is more than that which is now thought anew.

And everything always runs in fixed paths. Reality is experienced by you, the consciousness. If you simply react to this experienced reality and insert yourself, you make the illusion of immutability stronger and stronger. You do not realize that you are always somehow actively involved in a process of creation and that you could actually experience whatever you want from your heart.


How to remove creations again

Creation is generated by thoughts and dissolved through consciousness. Truly conscious experience is the dissolution, death, of the created.

If you no longer like what you created before, you - the consciousness - can realign yourself at any time.

The only thing you have to do is to experience what was created before and what hinders the new creation, to draw into your center (silence), to become aware that you are not, and to dissolve it.

This happens especially in meditation! That is why we meditate. To become free from the old with whom we have fallen into identification, and to be able to create something new that our heart really desires!


We meditate to live in joy and bliss.

Life in fear is not joyful, but sorrowful.

Life in fear is not necessary - because you can also live in joy if you want.


Bliss (Ananda) is your true nature.

Fear, on the other hand, is the result of forgetting oneself. Fear is limitation and narrowness...


You, dear consciousness, have at some point on your path decided to forget your true nature. Whether it was intentional or whether you just "let it happen" is irrelevant.


How to fall into oblivion and come out again

You have neglected to dissolve what you have created in your innermost being again and thereby let it become more massive and massive in your experience. You have allowed yourself to fall away from your divinity, i.e. to forget who you are, and now experience yourself as a mortal who is a victim, in your own creation.

But the good news is that you can undo everything and I am here to remind you!

Your life can be a dance of pure joy!

There is no need for the massive experience of suffering, sickness and death.


You can go from "glory to glory" in harmony with yourself!


How to free your divine creativity from the slavery of the 3D matrix

As already described above in the text, your attention and with it your thinking is trapped in a kind of control loop, which confirms your accustomed dream-reality again and again.

In order to break this matrix, you must be able to think new thoughts. Thoughts that are outside the three-dimensional cosmos and its limitations!

This is only possible, of course, if you can recognize yourself as the consciousness that is the source of ALL thoughts.

The illusion of the strict limitation of the three-dimensional experience is fed by ignorance or non-searching for your deepest reality! As long as you don't want to know deep in your heart who you are, you can't overcome the prison of the third dimension and the many sufferings associated with it.

So first your identification with your imagined limitations must die for you to be liberated. By the way, I have already written about this in detail in previous newsletters from Earth and Spirit.

Of course your experienced reality as a human being gets into a crisis or your previous reality (the Matrix) collapses due to your self-investigation.

It is then necessary in this difficult process to bring human action into harmony with the superordinate reality (God), so that one can subsequently think new thoughts outside the world, what the ascent is.

Thoughts create the world and to create a new world you have to rise above the old one. The 3D experience is defined by limits and boundaries and a reduced transient self-image "I am" (ego). This is all lifted by ascension, by your self-knowledge!

The spiritual path in the initial self-knowledge and healing phase often does not look particularly attractive for worldly people. The seeker is under strong expansions of consciousness, which manifest themselves physically as strenuous and time-consuming energy transformations. The outer human life is often limited in favour of a strong introversion and lingering in silence. In reality, however, a tremendous transformation takes place which, although it quickly leads to changes for the ascendant himself, only really becomes visible for the outside world at the very last moment when the ascension radiates through the physical body!


Thoughts in the 5D Unity Consciousness are charged by the Power of God

Through the union with God, man becomes the Creator God.

Devotion is unity of spirit.

Acting in devotion is the manifestation of "Everything is ONE".

Devotion is the manifestation of ONE through the physical human being!

Total devotion is freedom from fear (fear = counter thoughts, "negative desires")!


5D creations are without inner resistance

Since fear is the identification with unconscious thoughts, i.e. identification with form, and 5D is the full awareness and freedom of fear, all creations on 5D are free of counter-thoughts!

Thoughts that are free of opposing thoughts have a very great creative power and cost very little energy. They are fully charged with attention and are the pure divine creative act in action!

Thoughts outside of fear, are 5D, are outside of the 3D world.

The 3D world always consists purely mentally of identification with form, which by definition is FEAR.

You can only think 5D thoughts if you yourself are already outside the matrix, i.e. have recognized who you really are and are in harmony with yourself, i.e. have dissolved all fears.

Now miracles happen! You will gradually regain your spiritual powers (siddhis), which are the spiritual heritage of your soul.

Through oneness with the will of God, things and situations will fit you and the whole in a way that the mind cannot even imagine.

In the long run, as your faith increases, you will be able to follow Jesus and other spiritual masters and break the laws of this world, which consists only of imagined beliefs.

Everything you think will be painted on the empty canvas of creation. You know who you are, and no one can take away your creativity, for it is one with you.


Why you are free of the collective in the ascended 5D state of consciousness

If you are not afraid, you do not send out thoughts that correspond to the fear. You also no longer resonate with the things you were afraid of. Since you no longer have resonance, it no longer comes into your life, because the hermetic spiritual principle "As inside, so outside" always applies.

No one can reach and control you from the outside. All attempts to enslave or restrict you against your will fail after your ascent.

Everything dark only has power over you if you believe in it (consciously or unconsciously) and you give it your attention or your creative power. If you watch closely, you will see dark forces trying to get people's attention all the time. They can only survive if you believe in them and give them your own energy.

When you are master of your thoughts again, you will focus your attention only on what you really want from your heart. This is what your soul (the innermost heart) wants!

You will manifest it without much resistance and often with little energy. This is the blessing of your ascended being!

Ultimately, life is only a dream of you, the consciousness. Through your devotion to yourself, you will be able to experience life as a dream and consciously participate in shaping it.




Why "ordering through prayer" or aligned thinking in ordinary 3D consciousness is often so ineffective


Human 3D desires are often derived from identification with the body and are therefore charged with fear or counter thoughts. Although even on 3D often manifestations through aligned desire energies through a coincidental correspondence of thinking and innermost feeling succeed, due to the limitations of consciousness in the third dimension it does not succeed permanently.

The ego or your subconscious identification who you are prevents this, because you are trapped in the polarity (duality) that gradually turns everything upside down.

Polarity is the supreme law in the third dimension, it is the limiter!

On 5D, the ascended state, the duality, which in reality is only an identification with the mind, is abolished.


Do I accept the new energy?

Some food for thought on the new energy


- The primary goal is not to demand a world that adapts to our human needs. The primary goal is to reach the original state of our consciousness where we are free from all these needs. Only in this way can we truly experience ourselves divinely and also create ourselves divinely. Even a truly humane world is only really possible in this way.

- It is only memory that creates the seemingly insurmountable density of time and space. If you can truly surrender to this moment NOW, you know that you are eternally free!

- Ascension is a step-by-step transformation from a relative human consciousness to a divine consciousness.

- There is no fear in love! The lived love drives out fear completely!

- The feeling that happiness lies on the outside and in the future arises only because one's own female side (and thus also the male side) is suppressed within oneself. The more it is freed, the happier you are in HERE & NOW without any reason or external causes!

- Joy does not come in reality from the senses, but is my true self. Happiness is always a pause in thinking and a return to my innermost being.


Differentiation to an incomplete understanding of liberation (Neo-Advaita)


For the sake of completeness I have to give an explanation at this point to what extent the complete way of redemption, which is described e.g. in my newsletters, differs from what is frequently to be found in the esoteric scene. I have already reported about it in previous newsletters to a certain extent.

It is possible through a spiritual path to get a direct view of who I really am through consistent self-enquiry.

This self-knowledge is NOT mind knowledge and actually the true self-knowledge.

This self-knowledge is permanent and does never vanish after it has been attained.

I call this self-knowledge "awakening" in my newsletters.

I myself have also gone this way, I awakened myself, and I also know numerous people in Germany who have really awakened.

Many of you now work as Satsang teachers and teach other people to recognize their own selves, which is good in principle.


After Awakening the Spiritual Path Continues

With the awakening, however, the ego-structure of the awakened person often remains intact intact untouched.

At awakening one recognizes that ALL is God, thus also the ego!

But God is also especially BEYOND everything. The ego and the world exist only in the dream!

So the mere knowledge alone does not bring freedom from suffering, because the ego continues to exist and compulsively creates lack.

One does not yet have conscious control over the appearance and disappearance of the dream through the awakening alone.

The only thing you really already get from awakening is the absolute certainty that you are God and immortal because you have always been the Self.

That's a lot, of course, but it still doesn't help to be absolutely sure that life is a dream and you are the dreamer if you can't stop or truly change that dream!

Therefore, after awakening, another way is necessary if one really wants to be free and live in permanent bliss.


The classical Advaita Way to Liberation and Bliss

In this way, the ego structure, i.e. the emotional attachment to the identification with limits and limitations, is completely dismantled according to the motto: "Love drives out fear".

This is my way and also the classic Advaita way of redemption of all old masters!

The neo-advaita path of many contemporary Satsang teachers, on the other hand, is limited to the mere discovery of the true self.

In Wikipedia there is even an entry in German that points out the differences between the classical teaching and Neo-Advaita.



The Difference between "Awakening" and Complete Liberation in Classical Literature


Important spiritual books from Advaita also clearly point out the phenomenon of awakening and the necessity of continuing to dissolve the ego afterwards.

For example, Shankara writes the following in Vivekachudamani (translated: "Jewel of Discrimination"):

"Even after the Truth has been realised, there remains that strong, beginningless, obstinate impression that one is the agent and experiencer, which is the cause of one’s transmigration. It has to be carefully removed by living in a state of constant identification with the Supreme Self. Sages call that Liberation which is the attenuation of Vasanas (impressions) here and now.". - Jewel of Discrimination (Vivekachudamani), Shankara, No. 267


If you want to read more about the difference between Neo-Advaita and classical Advaita and why awakening alone is not enough, please read the book "Advaita Bhooda Deepika – The lamp on non-dual knowledge“ starting on page 54 ‚(German version).

The spiritually very valuable book has been made available for free reading in the online library of Ramana Maharshi's Ashram on the Internet here. You can use an online-translator like to translate German texts into English for you to understand.

But there are also other sources on the subject.


 Further view: What is the goal of all life?

Complete freedom in the spiritual sense is only achieved when the consciousness is again able to let the cosmos and the ego ascend and disappear into itself as desired, i.e. willingly.

Only then is a complete restoration of the divine primordial state given and all unconsciousness is dissolved.

"A dreamer can be awake and exist without a dream, but a dream can never exist without a dreamer."

It is also possible, after reaching the highest state, to continue dreaming the cosmos and the dream of an individual life, if desired. Or one dwells in the divine silence of the original state without a dream as long as one wants. What one wants to do then, of course, cannot be predicted.

Until then, the individual soul must dissolve its unconsciousness and thus awaken further and further from the cosmic dream.


The spiritual ascent to 5D is only an interlude until complete liberation.

The ascent and the blissful human life in unity with God is thus only another chapter in the long journey of the soul to complete union with God. Ascension is not the end of the journey, but the end of a very long and painful journey in separated ego-consciousness! And yet we have always already reached our goal!

From now on, dear friends, life becomes more and more blissful for us ascenders and is already blissful, because more and more all human suffering is transcended and the blissful self reveals itself for all eternity.

I wish you a lightful ascent!


Your Bernhard Goller (Damodar)



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